Small Landscapes Before and After

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PHOTO: Craig Okerstrom-Lang
“Ruth’s Garden” after redesign shows what a difference even a small landscaping project can make.

Since starting our firm in 1990, we have designed and had built many different types and sizes of landscapes for our residential clients. It’s surprisingly easy to make little changes to your garden that will have a big impact. Simply adding a small structure like a garden arbor is a great way to add another dimension to your garden. We also design for commercial and institutional clients. While the larger projects pay the bills, so to speak, and these residential projects are typically lower in scope and budget, they are frequently challenging to get built for our clients, and the impressive difference between before and after justifies the effort.

For some of these smaller projects, we complete them on a fixed fee, design-build basis. I get out there with my assistants and subcontractors and we get our hands dirty. We hire licensed and insured subcontractors for any heavy work (removals, soil prep, larger trees, tree work, etc).

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