Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA New Museum Terrace & Universal Access

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OL Ltd lead firm for design of the new Museum entrance terrace and universal access solutions for this well visited Museum housing Norman Rockwell’s paintings and original Studio on their 25-acre campus.

Other firms involved included Kelly, Granger, Parsons Inc, Surveyors; SK Design Inc (drainage, structural); Climate Systems (ice-snow melt system and plumbing).

  • Services completed included recommendations for repairing or replacing the original bluestone terrace that was in poor condition.  The approved design enlarged the existing bluestone terrace by 25% and provides universal access routes that blend seamlessly into the visitor experience.
  • Other services included presentations, grading, drainage, estimates, bidding, etc.
  • Detailed design of the custom stone paving pattern on AutoCAD shop drawings with Williams Stone.
  • The new terrace has a new poured concrete subbase with epoxy coated reinforcing rods.  An ice and snow heat melt system is built into the top layer of the concrete pour.

This was a fast-moving project with design starting in November 2015.  Approved design in January 2016.  Working drawings and final estimates and bidding over the winter.  Construction started in late March and the work was completed by late June 2016 for the Museum’s annual fund raising gala.

Existing entrance terrace December 2016. Due to frost heaving, lack of drainage pitch (on north side) and use of salt on the bluestone, many pavers were decomposing and created tripping hazards for visitors. Water was leaking into the lower basement below the exterior vestibule.
Construction ground breaking late March 2016.
Craig OL, RLA at site!
Excavation and perimeter concrete work formed. Light green is the epoxy coated reinforcing woven rod system being installed over foam insulation panels. Excavation, drainage, concrete, finish grading by Adams Trucking & Excavation.
David Slick, NRM Facilities Manager; Craig Okerstrom-Lang, RLA; Patrick Keating, Job Superintendent for Broadwell Construction and Construction Management.
Carefully laying in “orange colored” heat melt piping over the woven-epoxy-coated reinforcing rods (which are set on risers). Adams Trucking installing along with Climate Systems, Plumbing Contractor.
Detail of the outer edge of the terrace with support haunch formed out, woven RR on lifts, plastic heat-melt system installed.
Almost ready for concrete pour!
Concrete poured; first delivery of custom cut Chester Granite pavers delivered by Williams Stone. Mancini Pool Decks Inc installed all the flat work and seat wall copings.
Installation of pavers in exterior vestibule which has a basement space below it. Complicated detailing to match original Museum walls radii (each face is different).
Custom stone pattern which minimizes the number of joints on the terrace. Note the small rectangular “key stones” which makes this large pattern possible.
Final sweeping of mortar joints by masons. New granite seat wall copings installed onto existing natural Berkshire Fieldstone walls.
BEFORE fall 2015
AFTER June 2016
New granite terrace (enlarged by 25%), main asphaltic walkway and secondary walkway, all MA AAB accessible. North façade cleaned and painted. All very simple solutions which required very detailed plans and shop drawings and expert construction management and installation.