Norman Rockwell Museum Entrance

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IMG_4242 3This is our design for the new main entrance to the Norman Rockwell Museum. The main entrance is about 25 years old, which faces north has seen some fierce winters. As a result it has deteriorated rapidly due mostly to extensive salt damage. We were commissioned to design this new terrace since our firm designed and installed a similar terrace at The Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield. That terrace system has been operating for 16 years. However, the actual property entrance as a whole will more than likely be left to a professional entrance and door company sometime in the near future.

This terrace has an extensive Sub-base system with an 18″ haunch on the edge and 18″ of crushed stone. Epoxy coated reinforcing rod, an “old school” drainage cell (vertical tubes) which allow water to wick. The orange material is plastic tubing for the snow and ice melt system. Climate Controls of Pittsfield, MA installed this. Once activated it will be filled with Glycol, which runs through the tubing permanently. It is pressurized and heated by propane. This will run on two systems; a thermometer gauge as well as with a moister censor. Both have to trigger for activation. The terrace will remain dry from any ice or snow fall. The entrance and building will be free of salt from foot traffic.

After the concrete cures new custom cut granite will be installed by Mancini Masonry. We designed a custom ashlar stone pattern that we call “The Rockwell Pattern” which uses larger sizes of stone pavers with intricate “keys” within the pattern.

The granite is being fabricated by Williams Stone, Blandford, MA and is “Chester Granite” a local-native stone quarried there. This granite most likely is depicted in some of Mr. Rockwell’s paintings and illustrations as it has been in use for over 80 years in the Berkshires. We’ll post that once that has been completed.

Client: Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA
Designer: Okerstrom Lang Ltd Landscape Architects
Engineer: SK Design Group Inc
General Contractor: Broadwell Construction Inc

Look for our next post on new pavers and walkway.