Family Compound, Claverack, NY

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July 2015: View of southern side of main house. Existing slope ran towards house and required 8’ cut for new pool & play lawn

OL Ltd lead firm for all site and landscape projects after house was built in 2013 (Designed by Linda
Gatter, RA) including master plan, site and landscape designed projects from MPlan.

      • Master Plan work included is for the main house portion of the 80-acre property (about 5 acres).
      • Design elements include 18’ x 75 gunite swimming pool, large pool terrace, pool fence design, grading & drainage, hot tub environment, terraced stone amphitheater, extensive underground utility relocation and new utilities including electric service upgrade from 300 amp to 600 amp.
      • Detailed cost estimate which was used to determine which projects would be bid out.
      • OL Ltd was the Construction Manager for every project that was approved by the owners who wanted this work designed and completed in 11 months.
October 2015: underground utility relocation, rough grading, dig and form swimming pool.
November 2016: Pool forming, gunite, granite copings, close up for winter.
Late April 2016: pool grounding, electrical, concrete deck form work.
Mid May 2016: Steep grade change of 9’ creates large earth forms framing the play lawn and pool; pool gunited, spring water installed in pool, ready for clients to swim in pool for Memorial Day weekend.
July 4th Weekend 2016: South play lawn seed coming in and prairie grass seed just coming in on all steep slopes; pool fence completed using a large sweeping layout so fence will be screened by prairie grass.
August 29, 2016: View from west end of pool; main house to left. Prairie grass is getting established on the far steep slopes. Mixed ornamental grass “eyebrow” anchors west end of pool.