Columbia County Swimming Pool

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Our firm recently completed a master plan for our clients property in Columbia County which planned out a series of site and landscape projects surrounding their new contemporary home on an very open site. Features include:

Swimming Pool for an active family, 18′ x 75′ with many built in features including:

  • Large sun shelf (raised platform in the shallow end 12″ below water level; ideal for sitting in lounge chairs;
  • 75′ lap lane
  • 50′ long bench seat facing south
  • Key operated cover
  • Concrete pool terrace to match concrete skirt around house, screen porch and first floor concrete.

Steep cut in grade (12′) to level off pool area and create an open play lawn along the pool.

The steep slope has stone steps leading up to a large vegetable garden.

Steep slopes seeded with Little Bluestem native prairie grass; 4′ maximum growth height; it will create a gently swaying hillside visible from the house and pool.

Pool fence is 5″ x 5″ PT wood posts with black metal mesh fabric installed to meet Pool Code. The fence surrounds and encloses the vegetable garden and connects back to house. A large sliding gate provides open access off the screen porch and easy maintenance.

A large ornamental grass bed fills the deep end of the pool and will screen the various pool utilities and pool equipment. The pool fence runs thru the middle of the grasses and will be made invisible during the summer months by the grasses.

Large hot tub set into a hillside.

Stone amphitheater (2 levels) with raised stone fire pit and bean pit.

OL Ltd completed the following professional services:

  • Master Plan
  • Cost Estimate
  • Bid Documents for all work built including site & drainage, masonry, swimming pool, hot tub, finished grading, stone amphitheater, etc.
  • Bid Services: 2-3 qualified bidders for all projects; contracted with lowest bidder for each item. Owner paid directly for all invoices reviewed and approved by OL Ltd.
  • Project came in 25% below the original bid estimate.
  • Project Management: oversaw all aspects of the awarded contracts start to finish.
  • Installation of some ornamental grass beds.


Oates Construction Inc
Site Work, underground utilities, excavation for all projects including swimming pool, grading and drainage, finished grading, lawns,etc.

Gene Hurin, Electrician

Scott’s Pools

Fink Construction
Amphitheater, stone pathways, pool concrete deck & NDS drain line, hot tub pad, etc.

All American Fence
Pool fence, all gates