Donna E. Cesan, AICP

“Okerstrom-Lang has demonstrated a very high degree of creativity and responsiveness.  They are adept at problem solving and finding acceptable solutions to issues that are often controversial.“

Mark & Nancy

“Woooooooow!!!! Great work and well done !!! We are privileged to be part of a great team !!!! Thank you all! Full speed ahead!!!”

Michael Simon, Richmond, MA,

“I have appreciate your sense of detail and articulation in the design of our new front walkway and landscape”

Roberta, Lenox, MA

“Craig, I love the work you and your crew did.  I rejoice to see it every day.”

Betsey Selkowitz, Past President, Board of Trustees

A New Relevance, A New Persona   Thanks to the creativity, foresight, competence and professionalism of the people who worked on this project we have become a more relevant and integral part of the cityscape.”